All-in-one SEO Platform for Agencies

AI-powered SEO co-pilot automate routine agency tasks, saving you time and ensuring satisfied clients

Streamline your agency's workflow

Say goodbye to manual tasks, and welcome efficiency as Boostramp automates project data analysis, on-page optimization, website ranking checks, content optimization, and backlink monitoring. Let our AI guide you with actionable recommendations for significant SEO improvements.

Whether you're an SEO freelancer or part of an agency, Boostramp can save you time and help reduce manual workload by automating routine agency tasks

Free API

Boostramp offers a free API for exceptional flexibility, transparent reporting, and satisfied clients

You can seamlessly integrate Boostramp functionality into your system, create automation tasks, and generate custom reports tailored to your needs

AI-powered SEO co-pilot

SEO co-pilot continuously scans websites, live search results, and monitors your competitors' activities to generate individual, easy-to-understand tasks for achieving quick SEO wins

With this tool, eliminate wasted time spent on project data analysis and daily SEO tasks such as on-page optimization, website ranking evaluations, content fine-tuning, and backlink monitoring

Improve on-page and technical SEO

Unlike other tools that overwhelm you with numerous non-essential errors, we focus on the most critical SEO parameters that truly matter

Internal links serve as SEO game-changers, playing a pivotal role in optimizing websites. Boostramp automatically identifies optimal pages to enhance website ranking through strategic internal linking

Rank tracking

Boostramp automatically monitors all keywords for which the website is ranking and notifies you of any significant drops in rankings

With Boostramp, you can efficiently monitor the ranking of your website's keywords. You have the flexibility to sort keywords into groups, update search volume data, and export keywords to a CSV file for further analysis.

Keywords research

Boostramp offers two keyword research tools: classic keyword suggestions and AI-powered research. AI recommendations gather data from multiple sources simultaneously

Keywords Opportunities feature provides a list of the most potential keywords for a rapid ranking boost. With a little extra push, these keywords can reach the top ranks and increase your page traffic.

What's more, our AI doesn't stop there. It also offers page optimization recommendations, giving you the exact fixes needed to enhance your ranking!

SERP snapshots

Boostramp allows you to monitor your competitors' positions and analyze Google SERP. With SERP snapshots, you can analyze changes in search results over any period of time, gaining valuable insights into the competitive landscape

24/7 website monitoring

Boostramp will monitor your clients' websites 24/7, so you can quickly detect any issues that may affect their SEO performance.

Aggregated SEO Data from top sources, all within a single platform

Boostramp aggregates SEO data from dozens of leading sources such as Ahrefs, Google Search Console and Analytics, and SEMrush, analyzing and deciphering this information into actionable suggestions and steps to skyrocket your search engine rankings

SEO tools and API

If you prefer to manually analyze a website's SEO metrics, conduct keyword research, or monitor competitors, Boostramp has you covered with a wide range of SEO tools. You can access all these SEO tools either through the system's web interface or as an API service